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May 21LCOO Working Group Session

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Recent Meetings:

May 8LCOO Strategy Setting2018.05.08 LCOO Strategy Setting Meeting
Mar 22LCOO General2018.03.22 LCOO General
Feb 1LCOO Topical2018.02.01 LCOO Topical - Retrospective and ongoing collaboration RBAC
Jan 25LCOO General Meeting2018.01.25 LCOO General
Jan 18LCOO General Meeting2018.01.25 LCOO General
Jan 18ERIS - Specialty2018.01.18 Specialty ERIS
Dec 14LCOO General Meeting 2017.12.14 LCOO General
Dec 6eris2017.12.06 Specialty ERIS
Nov 30LCOO Topical Meeting 2017.11.30 LCOO Topical - Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Nov 29ERIS2017.11.29 Specialty ERIS
Nov 16LCOO General Meeting  2017.11.16 LCOO General
Nov 15ERIS2017.11.15 Specialty ERIS
Nov 1ERIS2017.11.01 Speciality-Extreme Testing
Oct 26LCOO General Meeting2017.10.26 LCOO General
Oct 18Extreme Testing Weekly Sync2017.10.18 Speciality-Extreme Testing
Oct 12LCOO General Meeting2017.10.12 LCOO General
Oct 4Extreme Testing Weekly Sync2017.10.04 Speciality-Extreme Testing
Sept 28LCOO General Meeting2017.09.28 LCOO General
Aug 31LCOO General Meeting2017.08.31 LCOO General
Aug 17LCOO General Meeting2017.08.17 LCOO General
Aug 16Extreme Testing Weekly Sync2017.08.16 Speciality-Extreme Testing
Aug 2Specialty - Extreme Testign2017.08.02 Speciality-Extreme Testing Development Proposal
Aug 3LCOO General Meeting2017.08.03 LCOO General
July 20LCOO General Meeting2017.07.20 LCOO General
July 6LCOO General Meeting2017.07.06 LCOO General
June 23LCOO General Meeting2017.06.22 LCOO General
June 8Specialty - Containerization of the Control Plane2017.06.7-8 Specialty - Containerized Control Plane User Stories - kickoff
June 8LCOO General Meeting2017.06.08 LCOO General
May 25LCOO Coordinators Meeting2017.05.25 LCOO General meeting
May 18Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.05.18 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
May 9, 10, 11Boston Summit WG sessions

May 4Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.05.04 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
April 27LCOO Coordinators Meeting2017.04.27 LCOO Coordiantor
April 20Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.04.20 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
April 13LCOO Coordinators Meeting2017.04.13 LCOO Coordiantor
April 11Deep Dive Session on Extreme Testing2017.04.11 Specialty-Extreme Testing Development Proposal
April 6Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.04.06 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
March 30LCOO Coordinators Meeting2017.03.30 LCOO Coordiantor
March 23Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.03.23 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
March 16LCOO Coordinators Meeting2017.03.16 LCOO Coordiantor
March 9Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.03.09 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
March 7Containerized Control Plan User Stories - Working Session2017.03.06 Specialty-Containerized Control Plane User Stories
March 2LCOO Coordinators Meeting2017.03.02 LCOO Coordiantor Meeting
February 25Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.02.23 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
February 16LCOO Coordiantors2017.02.16-LCOO Coordinator
February 9Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.02.09 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
February 2LCOO Coordiantors2017.02.02 LCOO Coordinators
January 26Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017-01-26 Roadmap Meeting agenda (please edit)
January 19LCOO Coordinators Meeting2017-01-1919
January 12Roadmap Coordinators Meeting2017.01.12 Roadmap Coordinator Meeting
January 5LCOO Coordinators MeetingLCOO Coordinators January 5 2017

Meetings prior to 2017:  These were distributed and archived as Word Documents and can be found here: 2016 Meeting Minutes.  Also these were originally planned and conducted in Etherpad with the Master listing them here: