Welcome to the wiki site for the "LCOO" OpenStack Working Group. This site is used by LCOO members to collaborate in support of the members objectives / contributions on behalf of the OpenStack Open-Source Community. Pages are open to all for viewing and commenting, and we encourage you to do so!  You may also want to visit our linked JIRA site.

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This site is a work in progress. Any suggestions, please contact Andrew Ukasick or  Jamey McCabe.  Changes are encouraged by all collaborators. All edits are versioned so no worries about digging in.

Upcoming LCOO organized meetings or relevant Community Events

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Actions from LCOO Meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Jamey McCabe Clarify with AT&T team who is working on Akraino if they are willing to lead a Topical Session.
Jamey McCabe2018.03.22 LCOO General
Jamey McCabe2017.12.06 Specialty ERIS
  • AT&T and Orange determine desired schedule for a subsequent session on the PDP (policy decision point) topic, Jamey McCabeand Marc Bailly before 12/14 LCOO Coordinators session.
Jamey McCabe2017.11.30 LCOO Topical - Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Jamey McCabe2017.11.29 Specialty ERIS
  • Jamey McCabe fix IRC reservation for this meeting so it doesn't conflict.
Jamey McCabe2017.11.16 LCOO General
  • Jamey McCabe schedule the topical session November 30 - 1300 to 1500 UTC
Jamey McCabe2017.11.16 LCOO General
  • Jamey McCabe to setup Etherpad type pages for each of the sessions so we can start to draft out specific proposed topics
Jamey McCabe2017.10.26 LCOO General
  • Jamey McCabe Set up quick discusion on Enabling Containerization with AT&T lead, Jaesuk and Brandon
Jamey McCabe2017.07.20 LCOO General

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Coordination team - These members are chartered by their Companies to represent them within the LCOO

Andy Ukasick 
AT&TAT&T, Community Engagement

Cecilia ComeauxAT&TAVP Cloud Service

Jamey McCabe (Co-Chair)AT&TSenior Business

Jaesuk AhnSK TelecomTechnical

Jill SalesAT&TProgram

Marc BaillyOrangeTechnical

Sanjeev JaiswalReliance JioVP, Cloud

Shintaro MizunoNTTSenior Research

Sundar Krishnamoorthy (Co-Chair)IntelSolutions

Yih (Leong) SunIntelSenior Cloud